ND students "man up" to raise money for homeless shelter in "Day of Man" fundraiser

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Instead of bundled up students, some on Notre Dame's campus were wearing shorts, t-shirts and flip flops.

The warm-weather apparel was in honor of the 7th annual "Day of Man."

The event collects funds and raises awareness for the Center for the Homeless.

Men from Siegfried Hall stormed campus in the unusual attire with the motto, "to stand in solidarity with the homeless."

Students say if the homeless are cold every day, they can "man-up" and be cold for one.

"I'm very proud how we can all come together and raise money for such a great cause, for the Center for the Homeless,” says Notre Dame senior Andrew Ritter. “To help support the community that we live in, in South Bend….a lot of times at Notre Dame we get stuck in our own bubble but this is a great chance to reach out and just become a part of something bigger than we are here."

The weather was bearable this afternoon, unlike two years ago when it was below zero.

Students raised a record amount last year in donations.