Michiana veterinarians prepare for possible spread of dog flu

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Just when you thought the flu season was over, it turns out it's hitting man's best friend hard.

There's been an outbreak in Chicago that could now spread to Michiana.

Recently in Chicago, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health says there have been a large number of canine influenza cases.

So far there haven't been any cases reported in Indiana, but owners who travel to Chicago might want to consider the vaccine.

At Roseland Animal Hospital they will start offering the shot next week.

However, veterinarians say dogs get the flu all of the time, and the vaccine only protects them from one specific strain, just like in humans.

Dr. Rachel Sparke from Roseland Animal Hospital says, “If your dog is frequenting facilities monthly, whether it’s for exercise or grooming, I would recommend it. It's an extremely safe vaccine.”

NewsCenter 16 called four of the largest vet hospitals in our area. Two of them are offering the vaccine and two are not.