Michiana artists' work on display during Festival of Banners

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Next time you walk through downtown South Bend, look up!

There's a lot of new artwork on display, all created by Michiana artists.

“This is a stained glass sky with a sunrise,” Brookelyn Thurston, the artist of the winning design, said. “I made two houses that are swished with color.”

This is just one of 80 designs chosen for the Festival of Banners.

Massive banners decorate the light poles on Jefferson, Wayne, and Michigan streets.

They were designed by artists of all ages from around the area.

It's all part of an effort by the South Bend Museum of Art to make our city beautiful.

“He loves walking to work this time of year because it puts a smile on his face to see these banners,” Candie Waterloo with the South Bend Museum of Art said. “I know when I'm driving in off Jefferson off the curve, it makes me happy just to see something different - see the color, see the sites.”

The winning designs showcase the theme "Homegrown" - and what home means to the artists.

The banners will be up until mid-October.