Mayor addresses upcoming recall election

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BENTON HARBOR Benton harbor's mayor faces a recall this May. He addressed questions about it in his weekly YouTube video, telling viewers why he has never talked about it before.

“Over the past several weeks, I cannot count the number of individuals who have asked me, 'when are you going to address the recall election during one of your weekly updates?” Mayor James Hightower said, adding that he has a responsibility to inform them about the recall, because it is being paid for with taxpayer money.

Voters sought a recall against the mayor, partly because of his opposition to last year's income tax campaign. It's the second recall effort against him, but the first never made it to the ballot.

Hightower estimates that the recall will cost more than $7,000 taxpayer dollars, money he says could have been used to fill potholes and replace broken water lines.

Michigan state law requires the city to put the recall to a vote, because there were enough signatures on the recall petition.

City Commissioner Marcus Muhammad is challenging Hightower in the May 6th election.