Man injured during second accident on U.S. 20

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A man was injured after he drove into an INDOT vehicle blocking traffic on U.S. 20 following a fatal accident earlier in the evening.

INDOT crews were diverting traffic onto County Road 33 after an accident between County Road 31 and County Road 29.

Indiana State Police said it appears the man was driving too fast westbound on U.S. 20 and hit the metal gate on the back of the INDOT pick-up.

The INDOT vehicle's orange safety lights were on at the time and INDOT workers wearing bright green vests and holding safety lights were in the roadway. They were not injured.

The driver suffered minor injuries to his face when the windshield broke. A witness said the driver is lucky he wasn't more seriously hurt when he crashed into the metal lift-gate on the pick-up.

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