Man struck by lightning while working on farm

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SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Some scary moments today for a man who was struck by lightning at his parent’s farm.

It happened just west of US 31 when 51-year-old Phil Shafer was getting into his skid loader.

Shafer's parents said he felt like he was hit with a sledge hammer before falling down.

Shafer reportedly got up and walked to a nearby building where he fell again, and complained of having a headache. and sore shoulders.

He made the call to 911 on his own just before his dad arrived.

“When he came into the shop he walked about 10 feet and fell, and I was just climbing out of the semi when he walked around the corner and fell right beside the semi,” said Paul Shafer, Phil’s father. “I went over to see what was going on, got some rags to wipe the mud off, and heard the ambulances pull in right behind me, and I just got out of the way.”

The ambulance arrived and took Shafer to Memorial Hospital for precautionary reasons.