Man who was found incoherent on Diamond Island arrested for home invasions

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Cass County, Mich. A Cass County man has been arrested and charged for two home invasions that occurred while he was missing under suspicious circumstances.

Kurt DeYoung, 46, was charged Thursday with two counts of home invasion and two counts of larceny in a building. Police issued a warrant for his arrest Tuesday, and he was taken into custody on Wednesday.

DeYoung had been reported missing earlier in April.

On April 8, he left for a typical fishing trip on Diamond Lake.

An official search for him started on April 11 when his pontoon boat drifted back to shore unoccupied.

A sheriff's deputy spotted a man resembling Kurt DeYoung outside a Diamond Island house. Officers investigated and determined it was DeYoung.

He was incoherent and didn't respond. DeYoung was brought to shore and taken to Lakeland Hospital in Niles.

After recovering at the hospital, DeYoung told police his boat motor quit working, so he waited until it drifted to the island. He explained that he found shelter inside an open home on the island.

DeYoung could face up to 15 years in prison and a $3,000 fine if convicted.