Apartments building catches on fire; two people injured

Photo courtesy of Ben Sanders
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A building at the Main Street Village Apartments erupted in flames Monday evening.

Firefighters were called to the scene around 6 p.m. and found eight apartments in flames.

"I had just gotten off work and was up in my room and the dogs were upstairs going crazy so I went to let them out and when I went outside the neighbor was standing outside and she said her apartment had started on fire. All of a sudden, within seconds the porch just lit up in flames," said Nicole Fink, who lives in an apartment that shares a wall with the apartment where the fire broke out.

Fink said she isn't usually home during the early evening, but happened to be home during the evening of the fire. She said she doesn't know what would have happened to her dog and her roommate's dog if she wasn't home.

Unfortunately their apartment is considered a total loss.

"I just keep trying to tell myself that it's just stuff, but there is things in there that can never be replaced. Just pictures is the big thing that keeps coming to mind and special occasions that's now gone and I'm just glad that everybody is okay, but it's still hard," said Fink.

Eight apartments were destroyed in the fire.

"I'm just devastated. Everything that i've ever worked for is in that apartment and it's stuff I can't replace, so it's hard. We painted every room in the apartment. We took the time to really make that place home and so that's why it's so hard," said Taitum Weems, who lived in an apartment that was destroyed.

One resident was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. After the fire was out, a firefighter was sent to the hospital with a minor injury to his eye. Both were treated and released.

"They gave it their all. You can tell by the amount of hoses and the amount of water we've thrown at it already that they gave it an attempt," said Capt. Bryon Woodward with the Mishawaka Fire Dept.

The fire used many of the resources within the Mishawaka Fire Dept., so mutual aid was used for any emergencies that occurred while firefighters battled this fire.

Initially firefighters believed a cat may have been killed in the fire, but it was found in good condition, hiding inside an apartment that caught fire.

Apartment managers tell NewsCenter 16 residents are required to have renters insurance to live at the complex.

The residents of the eight apartments are staying in hotels Monday night.

To see more pictures at the scene of the fire, click here. The pictures were taken by Ben Sanders.