Dozens of dead animals found in South Bend alley

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South Bend, Ind. After a week of melting snow, more than a dozen dead cats, squirrels, rabbits and other animals were found dead in an alley on the 700 block of East Indiana Street in South Bend Sunday afternoon.

Witnesses say the animals do not appear to have died of natural causes.

“Our neighbor was walking down the alley and then came and knocked on my door and said, Kelley, I think we found your cat, he's dead in the alley,” said Kelley Rahmah, whose cat has been missing since December.

Multiple dead cats were found in piles while others were scattered near one another. Neighbors say many were owned by people who live nearby and some had collars on.

In another area, dead squirrels are lined up near the body of a dead possom that was strung up in a tree.

“It was terrible,” Rahmah said. “We came out here and we found just piles of dead cats, dead squirrels dead rabbits, a possum gutted and hanging off of tree limbs. It's just terrible I can't believe that anybody would do this.”

Neighbors say the way the animals are laid out or hung from trees suggests that a person is behind the gruesome scene.

“I think somebody is shooting these animals or picking them up and breaking their necks,” said Jade Kelly who had been helping Rahmah look for her missing cat.

Rahmah says several neighbors found their missing cats at the scene.

“You see these kittens with their collars on and they're laying here dead,” she said. “So now their families are wondering where are the poor animals and they're laying here dead.”

South Bend Police sent an officer to document the scene and look into who or what may have caused it. South Bend Animal Care and Control has been contacted as well.