Long time Buchanan teacher mourned after tragic car accident

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Buchanan is mourning the loss of a long time teacher, who was well known in the community.

This weekend Frances Young, 91, was hit and killed in a car accident.

Her husband, Norris Young, 94, was behind the wheel when it happened.

The couple was trying to turn left on U.S.12 in Berrien County when another woman was hit by a car in the passenger's side.

The couple was just leaving one of their favorite places to eat, the JD’s truck stop diner, when the accident happened minutes later.

All of the staff knew the couple well, just like many people in Buchanan.

Frances Young was a teacher with Buchanan Community Schools for 31 years.

She was in the passenger seat when she was hit and killed instantly.

Her husband was driving and taken to Lakeland Hospital in Niles with non-life threatening injuries.

Many in Buchanan knew him well after an entire life working as a farmer.
Former student Marian Lintz says, “I don't know how many years she taught at the school but I know it was a long time and all of those students will never forget her because she was so sweet and so nice to them.”

Young is doing okay and has been released from the hospital. He's staying with his son for now. The funeral will be a private gathering.