Local teen pleads guilty to felony murder

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. - A teen has pleaded guilty to felony murder for his role in a deadly home invasion. 18-year-old Gemari Cotton was in court Thursday. He now faces between 45 to 65 years for his role. His sentencing was set for January 17.

19-year-old Nathaniel Coley is set to be sentenced January 10 and could see 55 to 65 years behind bars. 19-year-old Lee Griffin and 48-year-old Walter Neely were already sentenced to 115 years in prison.
22-year-old Khawana Lamar is serving a 65-year sentence.

The men were all involved in a December 27 home invasion from last year. It happened on Michigan Street in South Bend.

One woman died as a result of the injuries she received during the crime.