LaSalle Elementary School helping curb childhood obesity

A Michiana school is being proactive to curb childhood obesity and improve fitness for its students.

The school board approved a new walking club at LaSalle Elementary last week, after a P.E. teacher noticed students were arriving early to school and had to wait outside in the cold for the doors to open. The kids were without any supervision.

The club gives students a chance to walk indoors around the gym three days a week starting at 8 a.m., before class begins.

The program won't cost any extra money, since the teacher is volunteering her time.

She says the club is already a huge success with the kids, who enjoy spending time with their friends while getting a boost to their school day with some early-morning exercise.

5th grader Carissa Mossell said, “It's just fun because you would never know because you're just talking to your friends while you're having fun while losing weight."

Paula Meersman is a P.E. teacher at LaSalle Elementary and described the benefits they hope they get from the program by saying, "Hopefully we'll see less problems on the playground in the morning, and the kids are going to get exercise and they're going to have a positive start on their day. So, I think it's a win-win for everybody."

The club is already a huge success with the kids, with around 40 students filing into the gym to take part in the program three times a week.