LGBT civil rights bills considered by Indiana Senate committee

It was rally time at the Indiana Statehouse for the LGBT community and its supporters.

“What would Jesus do? Jesus would serve the pizza, he’d rent the apartment, he’d give the job, he’d wash the feet of the LGBT community,” Buffy Adams of Indiana Youth Group told the crowd gathered in the rotunda. “The youth hear the message loud and clear. What is that message? You’re not good enough, and if somebody doesn’t want to serve you, if somebody doesn’t want to rent you an apartment, if somebody doesn’t want to hire you, so be it.”

On Wednesday, the Indiana Senate Rules Committee considered granting protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, but they defeated a proposed amendment that would have offered protection without exceptions.

“I can only think of situations where we may have churches or pastors that say, because of my moral conviction, I cannot perform a wedding for a same sex couple,” said Ind. Sen. Travis Holdman, (R) Markle.