Kroger defines coupon policy for shoppers

Supermarket chain Kroger is now defining how shoppers can use coupons.

The company says the change is not an effort against extreme couponing, but instead comes from customers asking for a clear definition of their policies.

They say the policy will actually help spread the savings to more customers as there have been times when Kroger's advertised sale items sell out.

Here is a description of the policy.

- The limit is 5 manufacturers' coupons on five of the same item.

Kroger explains, "A good example is Gatorade. Customers can still come in and get 10 Gatorades. But the coupons will only be good for 5 of the same item."

- Only 2 internet coupons can be used for the same product per day.

- Expired coupons will not be accepted.

- While all manufacturers' coupons are still doubled up to 50 cents, this does not apply to free, or Kroger coupons.

Kroger says this newly defined policy will probably not be making much of a difference on shopping receipts.

The company says it has put on these limits because their research shows that is all customers are using anyway.