Kosciusko Co. man impersonates officer; faces class D felony

Jaccob Denver Jensen
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Kosciusko Co., Ind.--- A Kosciusko County man is being charged with a class D felony after impersonating an officer on May 30.

According to Stacey Page Online, Jaccob Denver Jensen, 25, admitted to the Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department that he had impersonated an officer by stopping a vehicle on East Doswill Boulevard near Enchanted Hills.

Jensen said he stopped the vehicle, while returning home from fishing, for reckless driving after the vehicle had tailgated him and then passed him.

Jensen then activated lights he had placed on the front of his grey Cadillac. He also had an audible siren which he used.

Jensen then admitted to taking the license of the teen who was driving the other vehicle, and the registration of that vehicle, back to his car to write down the information.

Upon returning to the vehicle Jensen was then asked to provide a badge by the teen driver of the other vehicle.

Jensen stated he told the teen that he had forgotten his badge at home.

If convicted, Jensen could be sentenced from 6 months to 3 years in jail and pay a fine up to $10,000.