Internet Casanova pleads guilty to felony theft

A man who is accused of breaking the hearts of women across the country—today pleaded guilty to breaking the law.

29 year old Ray Holycross, the so-called Internet Casanova admitted to a single felony count of theft.

Today in court, Holycross admitted that the pilfered and pawned the camera of a Mishawaka woman he was living with last November.

The Holycross plea agreement caps his maximum sentence at 18-months behind bars. “As far as the theft of the camera, it’s a good deal, I wish I could charge him with more,” said victim Theresa Bridegroom.

In November of 2012, Bridegroom found a pawn store receipt showing that Holycross had exchanged her camera for cash.

Further prying painted Holycross as an alleged con man who used several aliases and internet dating sites to romance and rip-off women all across the country.

“But I'm the one that caught him and this is the first charge again him so, hopefully him being sentenced with, you know, what I'm charging him with, is only going to further down the line help the other girls with their cases because it's going to show up as a prior record for him,” said Bridegroom.

On one hand, circumstances seem to indicate that Holycross has done more moral wrong—than legal wrong.

On the other hand, his victims are still learning that they were victims.

“Yes, I definitely wish the feds would get involved because it has crossed to many different state lines,” said Bridegroom. “I have evidence, I have emails, I have text messages that I think not only could help one person but could help multiple people that want to press charges, I just don’t know who is willing to take the time and take it serious.”

Bridegroom is still in possession of the cellphone Holycross left behind.

On Friday night, Bridegroom and other acquaintances of Holycross will appear on a segment of the national news magazine 20/20 called “Shameless.”

Once Holycross squares away his legal troubles in St. Joseph County, he is wanted on a warrant in a gun-theft case out of Kokomo.

Holycross also faces legal charges in Oregon although there’s no guarantee that he will be extradited to answer to those charges.