Indiana students set to compete in world’s largest rocket contest

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St. Joseph County It’s an exciting week for a team made up of three teens as they advance to the national finals in the Team America Rocketry Challenge or (TARC).

The St. Joseph County 4H Aerospace team consists of Adam Hellinga, a junior at Penn High School, Michael Strausborger, a freshman at Penn High School, and Matthew Anderson, a homeschooled freshman.

This group has been working together for about a year now. This group beat out more than 700 teams from across the country and was the only Indiana team to advance. The team says they originally didn’t know that they were going to compete but practiced as if they were.

They ended up heading out to Three Oaks to launch three of their rockets for scores. They then took those scores and sent them in to the competition. That’s when they were told they were going to the Team America Rocketry Challenge.

TARC is the world’s largest student rocketry contest. There are about 5,000 annual participants. Now, each team has to design and build a model rocket that can travel to exactly 825 feet and back within 48-50 seconds while carrying two raw eggs that must return safely to the ground undamaged.

There are 101 teams competing in the challenge this weekend .The winning team will travel to the Farnborough International Air Show in England this July to launch against students from the United Kingdom and France in an International rocketry contest.

NewsCenter 16 will follow this team’s progress and keep you updated with the latest.