New scam threatens eBay, DirecTV users

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The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers about two scams that have been reported in Michiana. Both tricks involve the names of major companies.

The first involves cable provider, DirecTV. A caller identifies himself as a company representative and promises six months of free service if the person is willing to pay six months in advance. The caller specifies the deal is for "loyal" customers only. The tricky part is the number on caller ID is spoofed, so it will appear as DirecTV. In this particular case, the consumer realized the offer was "too good to be true" and called the actual DirecTV, who confirmed it was a scam.

"Anytime the scammers give you a number and tell you call me back on this number, don't trust it. Look up the name of the company and call them," said Dreama Jensen of the BBB.

In a separate incident, scammers are targeting eBay users, which is worrisome as the holiday shopping season approaches. Con artists are stealing user passwords and personal information by re-directing shoppers to look alike websites. eBay permits sellers to use JavaScript and flash to add design elements to listings, which also allows scammers to, in some cases, add malicious code, instead.

The BBB suggests monitoring the URL code to ensure it says HTTPS with a lock icon before entering any personal information. Often, the scammers will advertise an item at an extremely low price to trick consumers into clicking it. In some cases, that will redirect a user to multiple sites that ask them to re-enter usernames and passwords.

"If you don't get directly to Ebay's website, you get directed to other sites, that's a red flag," said Jensen.

To report a scam, click here, to find the BBB near you.