Group helps local churches through “South Bend Mass Mob”

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South Bend, Ind. Many would argue that the amount of people going to church every week is declining. Those who do may not venture to other places of worship very often.

That's why a group known as Knights of Columbus is working to change that, through events known as South Bend Mass Mobs.

“The goal is to get Catholics out to see the churches that they probably haven't been to in this area,” says Mass Mob participate Stephen Elek Jr.

This month’s South Bend Mass Mob took place at Saint Patrick's Catholic Church. The church, which is located at the corner of Taylor and Wayne in South Bend, is more than 150 years old. According to the Knights of Columbus, back in 1858, 50 immigrant families, mostly Irish and German came together to establish this parish.

This event isn't just about seeing new churches, it’s about increasing attendance.

“Membership of course, increasing people to come and fill the church always inspires me as a pastor and it is important today, today’s world and people ignore the prayer and the church going. I think it is very important to make the people realize it is important to go to church,” explains Father Cyril Fernandes of Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church.

An event like this is also about increasing funds.

“Of course, with a few dollars more so as a pastor I don't have to worry about spending more money for some work of the church. Both are important but first is the attendance at the church,” says Father Fernandes.