Goshen family raising money for service dog

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A Goshen family is hoping a four-legged friend will help 9-year-old Tyler Kidder deal with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorder.

Tyler and his brother were adopted in 2007 by Tannen and Kendra Kidder.

Shortly after, the couple started to suspect something was wrong; Tyler would often have bad meltdowns and become agitated easily.

After several rounds of genetic testing, they learned Tyler had FASD.

"It basically acts like ADD, except there's not medicine that will basically cure it," Kendra said.

With no cure, the Kidder family must cope with the disorder.

But, they're hoping a dog from 4 Paws for Ability could help.

The organization pairs kids with a variety of different disorders up with dogs specifically trained to help them.

"It will help me when I get meltdowns," Tyler said.

FASD service dogs are trained to interrupt certain behaviors, nuzzling children when they start to get agitated or laying on them to calm them down.

"He asks everyday when he's going to get his dog and I'm like, we have to wait," Kendra said.

Placing a dog with Tyler will cost $22,000. The Kidder family is committed to raising $13,000.

To help get Tyler his dream dog, you an donate money online. The links are included under the Big Red Bar.