Elkhart Central grad, Denver Bronco Palmer holds kids football camp

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ELKHART, Ind. -- Denver Bronco Nathan Palmer is bringing an NFL mindset to the boys and girls of Elkhart

Palmer held his second annual football camp at his alma mater, Elkhart Central

“It feels great because this is something I've always wanted to do,” Palmer said. “Giving back to my community is always something that's been on my heart, it's something I love doing and I just love children. So being able to see this many kids show up is a great opportunity for me to get out here and feel young again.”

Nearly 70 boys and girls learned the basics of football, from blocking and tackling to throwing and receiving

But the learning goes beyond the basics of football.

“I think that young kids need to get back out there and start having a little bit of discipline, it's been going a little south with children growing up and that's just the generation that we're in right now so to be able to be that positive role model and get out there to tell them that it's okay to get out there and have fun with your friends and play football and be active.”

Palmer is a prime example of not letting anything get in your way.

From playing football at a smaller university at northern Illinois, to not being drafted, to finding himself playing in the NFL.

It lets the kids know they can accomplish anything

“Hopefully that inspires some of these kids to tell themselves, ‘hey, Nate made it, I can,’ so that's all I want to do with this football camp is to get them to see that ‘hey, Nate's doing it, he came back to teach us something so now we're going to learn and we're going to do the same thing.’”

Palmer will head out to Los Angeles on Monday to resume personal training as he gets ready for the 2014 NFL season.