Credit processing glitch affects patrons of local Mexican restaurant

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If you ate at El Arriero in South Bend earlier this year and now you're seeing mysterious charges from the restaurant, you probably don't need to worry that your card was compromised.

The Mexican restaurant on Ameritech Dr. recently became aware of an issue with the way diners' bills were being processed.

People who paid with a credit card were originally only charged for the cost of their meal, even if they added a tip to the bill.

Once El Arriero noticed the problem, they attempted to work with the credit company to process the tips separately.

Some customers noticed these charges and thought their card had been compromised.

Before cancelling your credit card or reporting the charges as fraudulent, compare your receipt to the charges that were made on your credit card.

The credit card processing issue affects orders placed between January 6 and March 6 of 2015.