Continual rainfall raises flooding fears

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The continual rainfall since Wednesday night has some residents worried about potential flooding. But, emergency management officials say they don't expect any major damage.

Residents at a Plymouth mobile home park that backs up to the Yellow River already have several inches of standing water in their parking lot.

"If we get more rain, it's going to flood," said longtime resident Charles Gordon.

But, it's nothing residents aren't used to. The area surrounding their homes floods just about anytime it rains. Gordon says even bad storms don't cause much damage, just an occasional inconvenience.

"When it's real bad, they always turn the gas off and electric, so you have to get out," he said.

Residents don't think that will be necessary this week.

A little further north in St. Joseph County, Emergency Management Director Bill Zimmerman says he isn't expecting much flooding beyond what's normal.

"Yes they're talking about flooding, yes they're talking about high winds," he said. "But, it's April in Northern Indiana and this type of weather happens."

Zimmerman says areas that usually flood like those near bodies of water or that are low to the ground will see some problems.

He says residents should exercise caution when driving across roads with standing water because puddles can be deeper than they appear.

Free sandbags are available in St. Joseph County for residents who want to take preventative measures.