Committee meets to discuss tainted Granger water

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GRANGER, Ind. St. Joseph County must figure out how to move forward after an investigation revealed septic systems are affecting the quality of Granger water.

The county spent $100,000 on a year-long study testing several wells in Granger and Gilmer Park.

On Wednesday, a special committee met to discuss the findings.

The tests revealed traces of prescription drugs, chloride and even DEET in some of the samples.

They say the level of contamination varies, but in some cases is close to what's considered unsafe by federal standards.

So, the county must now focus on finding a solution.

“Sewer is one of them, and that's the best, but it's also the most costly,” said St. Joe County Environmental Health Manager Marc Nelson. “Increasing lot size is one, changing well depths is one. There's quite a number that could help the situation out here.”

The committee hopes to present a recommended solution to the county early next year.