Chuck Freeby: Warsaw's Nic Moore is victim of SMU coach's cheating

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From WHME Sports Director Chuck Freeby's live sportscast:

Do you see these four letters behind me? [NCAA] They stand for "no clue at all," because when it comes to discipline, that's how they act.

Because I'm sure in your families, if Grandpa makes a mistake, you punish the children, right? Well, that's what happened today down at SMU [Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas], an athletic program so notorious, ESPN does 30-for-30 documentaries on it.

You see, the NCAA caught Larry Brown cheating again. When it comes to recruiting, Larry did it at UCLA and again at Kansas. It's kinda like the woman that goes on Springer and tells her daughter, 'What did you expect? He cheated before, he's gonna do it again.'

So because Larry cheated, who gets punished? Kids like Nic Moore from Warsaw. You see, Nic plays at SMU, and he's not going to get to play in the postseason, the only time three-quarters of the nation watches college hoops, because Larry cheated.

And certainly, you say, 'Well...what did they do to Larry?'

Well, not a whole lot. They suspended him nine games -- so about a third of the season. So Larry, who cheated for a third time, keeps his job, and he'll make millions, and Nic Moore, well, he's waiting to see what else is in the NCAA toolbox, because they just used the hammer and the screwdriver on him.

Larry Brown suspended by NCAA, SMU gets postseason ban
By STEPHEN HAWKINS - AP Basketball Writer

DALLAS (AP) - The NCAA has banned the SMU men's basketball team from postseason play and suspended coach Larry Brown for nine games during the upcoming season after finding multiple violations in the Mustangs program.

The NCAA says the problems include academic fraud and unethical conduct. It singled out Brown for making bad choices that included "not reporting possible violations in his program, initially lying to the enforcement staff during the investigation and providing no specific guidance to his staff on rules compliance."

The penalties were revealed Tuesday, more than eight months after the school acknowledged an NCAA investigation. The basketball team will also lose nine scholarships over the next three seasons.

SMU was the American Athletic Conference champion last season. The Mustangs went to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1993.

This is Brown's third coaching job at the college level, and each program has faced NCAA sanctions.