UPDATE: Charges filed in connection with party where Granger brothers overdosed

Charges were filed Tuesday in connection with the County Metro Homicide Unit (CMHU) investigation into a Granger house party last month where Nick and Jack Savage allegedly obtained the drugs on which they fatally overdosed.

Kyle Treber, 19, was charged with three counts of Dealing in a Narcotic Drug, each a Level 5 Felony, and one count of Possession of a Narcotic Drug, a Level 6 Felony.

At this time, because the investigation has not eliminated the possibility of another source or an additional source of oxycodone ingested by Jack and Nick Savage, charges are not being sought for providing drugs unlawfully to the brothers.

During their investigation, police say that two other bottles of oxycodone were found.

Probable cause was found and an arrest warrant was ordered issued. Bond was set at $20,000 Corporate surety or $2,000 cash.

Treber was booked Tuesday afternoon, with bond set at $20,000 Corporate surety or $2,000 cash. He bonded out almost immediately.

Treber was an all-state linebacker for the Penn Kingsmen. He had committed to play football at the University of Indianapolis beginning this fall. The school says he's currently suspended from the team.

While at Penn, he was an All-Northern Indiana Conference 1st team football player, a IFCA Top 50 All-State linebacker and an Indiana All-Star.

Lauren Schwindaman, 18, was charged with Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor, a Class B Misdemeanor. Probable cause was found and an arrest warrant was ordered issued. Bond was set at $150.

She was booked Tuesday afternoon and bonded out, too.

In charging documents, police noted that Lauren Schwindaman was the oldest of two sisters who hosted the party while their parents were out of town.

According to the investigation, the Schwindaman sisters had hosted several parties in the past, and it was generally understood that people would bring their own alcohol to the house.

For much more information, read the attached criminal affidavits.

Excerpts from the affidavit for probable cause by Det. Galen Pelletier:

Responding officers learned that both of the Savage brothers had ingested illegal or unlawfully obtained prescription narcotics at a party the night before. This party had been located at [redacted] Bryanton Ct.

Based upon the fact that two (2) individuals were dead as a result of drug ingestion, the CMHU was activated to investigate this matter.

A third person located with the Savage brothers, Austin Reid, was at the Savage house the night that Nick and Jack Savage died. Detectives recovered a cell phone from the basement near the body of Nick Savage. Austin Reid told investigators that the cell phone that was found in the basement was his. Austin consented to allow CMHU officers to look in his cell phone which was found in the basement on Woodington Ct.

When detectives reviewed text messages that had been sent and received on Saturday the 13th, they saw several texts about the OxyContin pill bottle being passed around at the party and statements about who had taken the pills along with who had been passing the pills out. The number of text messages was upwards of 100.

On June 14, 2015, at approximately 1:30 am, officers with the St. Joseph County Police and medical personnel were dispatched to [redacted] Bryanton Court in Granger, Indiana in reference to an unresponsive person. This is the address of the party which Jack and Nick Savage had attended and where they allegedly obtained the drugs on which they fatally overdosed.

When police and medical personnel arrived, they found Kyle Treber unresponsive and in distress. Witnesses found a bottle labeled for and containing OxyContin, a trade name for oxycodone which is a schedule II narcotic drug, in one of Treber's pockets. It was apparent that the drugs were not prescribed to Kyle Treber.

Medical personnel revived Kyle Treber reportedly administering NARCON, a substance used to revive individuals who ingest opioid narcotics. Kyle Treber advised medical personnel that he had ingested a number of OxyContin pills.

From the charging document for Lauren Schwindaman:

The property of [redacted] Bryanton Court in Granger, Indiana is the residence of the Schwindaman family, which is partly comprised of two teenage girls. Witnesses indicated that the teenage girls were hosting the party and that their parents were out of town.

Numerous individuals were located who were at the party from the night before. Witnesses advised officers that on June 13, 2015, Lauren Schwindaman and her juvenile sister had a party at their home while their parents were in another state.

The party was to be a "BYOB" situation where partiers were to bring alcohol to the home to consume there. This was known due to several prior occasions where the Schwindaman girls had hosted parties and "BYOB" was the routine. Numerous witnesses observed widespread underage drinking on the premises that night.

Charges were filed today in connection with the investigation into a Granger house party last month where Nick and Jack...

Posted by WNDU on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kyle Treber
Granger brothers Jack (left) and Nick (right) Savage died Sunday of an apparent drug overdose after attending a party Saturday night.