Businesses take part in Labor of Love food drive

Some local folks are banding together to collect food for those in need. Dozens of businesses have put out signs promoting the "labor of love food drive."

All the food collected will be donated to church community services, and allows people who are struggling financially to put food on the table for their families.

Those organizing the event say it is a matter of helping out any way they can.

“We like the idea of doing something on labor day weekend because that's really supporting the workers that really made this country great and a lot of those people are the ones that are struggling,” Reed Burrer.

“We've got to get food into these food pantries that know how to handle what's going to come, know how to get the food to the needy folks,” Susan Chilberg.

Those who would like to donate can stop by any Kroger or Martin's store in Elkhart County as well as any family video store in the greater michiana area.

Collections will run throughout the week, just look for the Labor of Love sign.