Public safety board calls for investigation of SBPD Chief Teachman

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A complaint against South Bend Police Chief Ron Teachman took a step forward Monday morning.

During a special meeting, the South Bend Board of Public Safety voted unanimously to petition the Indiana State Police for an investigation.

In April, South Bend resident Greg Brown filed a complaint alleging Teachman failed to assist an officer who was breaking up a fight outside the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center.

The board is petitioning the state police to investigate the matter, saying South Bend’s Internal Affairs Division would have a conflict of interest examining its own boss.

The board also scheduled two hearings for South Bend police officer Theodore Robert. In Oct. 2012, Robert allegedly began an unauthorized investigation into two cases that were being reviewed by the department.

Robert's case will go before the board on Tuesday July 16 and Tuesday July 30. Both hearings will begin at 8 a.m. in the South Bend Police Department auditorium.

Three of the public safety board's six members were present at Monday's meeting: President Patrick Cottrell, and members John Collins and Luther Taylor. Clerk Linda Martin and members Laura Vasquez and Eddie Miller were not present.