Birdsell Project: Call for artists at historic power plant

Pool area in the historic power plant (Photo Courtesy Peter Ringenberg)
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The Birdsell Project is at it again.

In the fall of 2014, Myles Robertson and Nalani Stolz coordinated nearly 30 artists to install their work in the Birdsell Mansion. The space was transformed into an art exhibit, and became the backdrop for various events, including a New Year’s party, multiple concerts and poetry readings.

The goal of the project is to reimagine spaces that already exist in the community. The Birdsell Mansion, on Colfax Street near downtown South Bend, was built in 1898 and has been vacant for some time.
Now, they’re calling for artists again, to revitalize the vacant, historic power plant in the East Bank Village of South Bend. The former power plant was built in 1914, along the St. Joseph River.

The Birdsell Residency Program is eight weeks long, and artists will be provided housing, a material stipend, and one meal a week with the program directors.

According to the project’s website, there are several rooms that artists could be placed. This includes the locker rooms, swimming pool, dungeon, cavern and pit area.

The deadline to apply for residency is April 15. Chosen artists will be announced on April 30, and artists will begin their work in June.

The installations will be available for public viewing in August.

Interested artists are asked to apply through the application process listed on its website.