Andrews University students attempt to break Guinness World Record

There's a record jackpot up for grabs Wednesday night, but a huge group of people at Andrews University tried to break a different record.

Hundreds of people gathered in Johnson Gym to try to break the world record for the number of people doing sit-ups together for one minute in one location.

It was all part of their health and wellness fest, which is an effort to inspire healthier lives and healthier choices.

"If somebody walks away today and they did well, they know they positively contributed and maybe inspired someone else next to them," said Dominique Wakefield, Andrews University director for health & wellness. "If someone wasn't able to complete it, I hope it will inspire them to say, you know, maybe I can work a little harder or make some positive changes so when we do it again I can complete the whole set."

The current record of 503 people is held by a college in England.

Andrews University had about 510 people attempt the sit-up record. After two tries, some participants were disqualified. They were left with 496 people, just missing it.

Coordinators say they hope to try again in the future.