Amtrak stabbing suspect to undergo mental competency exam

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The man charged with stabbing four people on an Amtrak train in Niles will have to undergo a mental competency exam before he can stand trial.

Michael Darnell Williams, 44, faces four counts of assault with intent to murder. Each carries a maximum life sentence.

The stabbing happened last Friday night on an Amtrak train in Niles.

Police were en route to the station in response to reports of a "suspicious person" when the stabbing occurred.

Williams allegedly told police he was battling a demon on the train.

His attorney appeared in court Friday morning to ask that his client's mental state be examined.

"This court knows I'm no expert in mental health, but after talking, I thought that there might be some issues both in his competency and whether he'd be responsible for the crimes he's accused of and the fact that he committed them," the attorney explained.

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