Amtrak stabbing suspect found incompetent to stand trial

A man who allegedly stabbed four people on an Amtrak train in Niles is not going to have to face trial.

Our reporting partners at WSJM FM 94.9 say Michael Williams was found incompetent to stand trial. Berrien County Trial Court Judge Dennis Wiley announced the decision Monday.

The 44-year-old Army veteran was charged with four counts of assault with intent to murder after three fellow Amtrak passengers and a conductor were stabbed December 5, 2014, on a train travelling from Chicago to Port Huron.

Police used a Taser to subdue Williams as the train was stopped at a depot in Niles.

The Saginaw News reported in December that Williams' family had petitioned a Saginaw court to get him mental health treatment.

Records show Wanda Williams wrote in 2005 that her nephew "began saying people were following him, people were under the house and jumping out of windows and no one else can see them."

Two doctors later met with Williams. One wrote that he was having paranoid delusions due to cocaine use. The second doctor wrote that he had acute psychosis.

According to The Saginaw News, Saginaw police reports it received through a Freedom of Information Act request say Williams was arrested in February 2014 and pleaded guilty to domestic violence for attacking his girlfriend. A judge gave him 45 days in jail.