Amazon Prime Day offers thousands of "lightning" deals

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Amazon Prime Day is one online shoppers have been eagerly anticipating. On July 15, the online retail giant is offering thousands of lightening deals for Prime members. Prime is a subscription service allowing customers who pay $99 a year access to free, 2-day shipping and streaming movies and TV shows. Non-members are in luck too because Amazon is offering free 30-day trials starting Wednesday.

"Lightning deals" refer to the fact they are only available for hours at a time, and Amazon says new deals are being added as often as every 10 minutes. With a plethora of deals, one shopping expert says it's a good idea to shop with a plan.

"If you can shop with a list, know exactly what you want, Prime Day serves as a good chance of saving some money. I always recommend don't go out shopping just to find something on sale. Make sure it's something you need and make sure it's at the right price and go from there," said Kyle James, the founder of

Amazon is discounting electronics, toys, clothing, home goods, movies and more.

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