Al Roker completes Guinness World Record-breaking "Rokerthon 2"

After forecasting the weather in all 50 states over the last seven days, a successful Rokerthon 2 has made history.

It was an ambitious undertaking, and TODAY Show weatherman Al Roker finished his Guinness World Record-breaking effort Friday morning.

He arrived back at the TODAY plaza after setting the record for the fastest time to report a weather forecast from all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

On Tuesday, Roker made a stop in Goshen, meeting with excited fans at Goshen Airport before visiting Goshen College.

"Rokerthon 2: Taking America by Storm" follows last year's Rokerthon, which saw the weatherman present 34 straight hours of weather coverage.

But it's not all about setting records. Roker's efforts helped support Feeding America, an organization devoted to feeding those in need across the nation.

Check out the highlights from Rokerthon 2!