Abducted Indiana teens' sister faces court hearing on drug charge

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INDIANAPOLIS A court hearing is set for the sister of two Indianapolis teenagers who were kidnapped after she stole from her ex-boyfriend.

Twenty-seven-year-old Whitney Blackwell is due in a Marion County courtroom Monday for an initial hearing on one count of conspiracy to deal cocaine.

Federal prosecutors say Blackwell's 16-year-old brother and 13-year-old sister were kidnapped at gunpoint last Monday from their Indianapolis home by Blackwell's ex-boyfriend, John Thomas, and five other people in retaliation for Blackwell stealing from Thomas.

They were taken to Detroit, but the boy was freed by Detroit police and the girl's abductors released her.

Prosecutors say Blackwell stole $120,000, cocaine and OxyContin from Thomas, who they allege is a Detroit drug dealer.

Blackwell says she only took $43,000, but regrets putting her younger siblings in danger.