Excessive Force and Police Arrests

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Recently the use of excessive force during police arrests has been a hot topic in the news.

It is an issue police officers face everyday when making arrests.

On Friday Roseland town council member David Snyder was kicked out of the town council meeting by council president Charley Shields.

A physical incident then broke out while Snyder was being escorted out of the meeting by Roseland Police Marshal Jack Tiller.

Since Snyder's arrest, hundreds of comments have been posted on our website, many of which question how much force was really needed to arrest the council member.

On a national scale protests against campus police erupted at the University Of Florida.

A student was tasered while asking a question at a John Kerry speech.

Many police agencies follow a force continuum policy when dealing with aggressive suspects. It basically means the office will use one more degree of force than the suspect when trying to arrest them.

"The goal is to get your suspect in a pair handcuffs subdued so he or she does not destroy the squad car… so he or she is not capable or hurting someone else. It is a judgment call on whether you have accomplished that goal," says Capt. Phil Trent with South Bend Police.

No word yet on whether Jack Tiller is being investigated.

He is still on active duty at Roseland's police department.

Meanwhile David Snyder will be in court for two misdemeanor charges on October Fourth.