Roseland Budget

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The town of Roseland is trying to get their finances on track for next year.

The town did not get any closer tonight as the hearing for the 2008 budget was called off before it got started.

Town clerk treasurer Cheryl Gridley was not at the budget hearing.

The council continued the hearing until Friday, in hopes that Gridley will sit at the council table, instead of deputy clerk, Dorothy Snyder.

“We don’t feel confident and secure in relying on the deputy clerk as a communicator as a helper and therefore we are not going to sit and try to got through something as important as this budget,” council member Charley Sheilds says.

So just minutes after the meeting began, it ended, and when it did, all hell broke loose in Roseland's town hall.

“The problem that Roseland has is the deputy clerk treasurer is either unprepared for the questions that are asked or causes problems such as this,” Roseland’s Attorney, Mike Lipski, said of the mayhem.

As deputy treasurer, Snyder says the council should go about business as usual, no matter who's acting as clerk.

“This council let the town down by not doing the town's business and they always want to blame someone else. It’s always blame somebody else,” Snyder says.

Council members say their problem is with Gridley's absence, not the budget.

“If Cheryl would have been here we would have gone over the budget, and I agreed with practically the entire budget,” Penn says.

The budget needs to be finalized by the end of the month.