Roseland Police paid little more than minimum wage

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At a town council meeting last week, David Snyder suggested doing away with the entire Roseland Police force.

They hadn't been paid in a number of weeks, and the town’s funds are tapped dry.

But the officers will remain on duty, at least for now.

Roseland police are feeling the pinch from the small town's major financial crisis.

“We haven’t been paid in two pay periods. The money isn’t there, where it is we have no idea. That’s a complete grey area,” Craig Toner, Deputy Marshall of the Roseland Police Department, explains.

Hoping to send them to the bank with something, Wednesday the town council voted to temporarily decrease the officers pay to just six dollars an hour.

“It’s a pauper’s wage, but they have agreed and we're very thankful,” Council member Charley Shields says.

“These are good men. They’re dedicated to the citizens, and they're dedicated to the town,” adds council member Ted Penn.

The officers say their dedication is what keeps them holding on.

“There’s really not a whole lot that I would rather do. The townspeople deserve police representation; they deserve to have an officer arrive in a reasonable amount of time,” Toner says.

When the town council gets its fall tax money, the officer’s full pay will be reinstated. So, Roseland is buying time, which David Snyder says isn’t in the budget.

“They have spent all the state allowed appropriations, there is no money. It’s gone. You can pay them a dollar an hour, you still won’t have them,” Snyder says.

They'll stay for now, but they still don’t know when they'll see their next pay check.