Attempted abductions in a South Bend neighborhood

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If stranger danger is not already the topic of conversation lately, police in Mishawaka and South Bend say it should.

Two attempted abductions happened last week in Mishawaka.

On Tuesday, it happened in South Bend. Around one o'clock, police responded to a call in a far west side neighborhood.

Kids love to be kids and play in their yards with their buddies, but in this neighborhood all they want to do now is hold mom or dad's hand tight.

Nine year-old Brooke May says, “They stopped here and said, 'get in the truck.' I ran and said, 'no!'"

Brooke and five-year-old Nia Fowler were playing on Nia's lawn. They say an African-American woman and man in an old gold colored truck drove the vehicle backwards, got out, and then asked them to get in.

It gets worse. Brooke says, “They asked us twice!"

After they ran inside to tell Nia's dad, they went back out to the front lawn and were approached again.

Earnest Fowler says, “It was just one of those times that you think they'll be okay. They're right here.”

He says it all happened during the five minutes he was in the shower.

Fowler says, “They might have driven around to see where everybody was and just waited there to see when would be the appropriate time to strike.”

I asked her, “Aren't you glad you were very close to her home?" She said, “Yes. Yes I am. These woods next to my house are even more dangerous.”

Brooke's mother, Laura, says a past experience already has Brooke terrified at the mention of the woods and strangers.

She says, “We had a man a few years ago in our neighborhood approach some kids in one of the empty fields here.”

Having been through this twice, Brooke has some advice for all kids. She says, “Never ever talk to strangers or take from strangers. Don't do anything with strangers.”

Police in Mishawaka say the two attempted abductions last week did not involve this gold colored truck.

They say in both situations they responded to, two girls were approached by two men.

One of the vehicles was a green pick-up truck with a white stripe. The other was a teal colored Ford mini-van.

For more information from the experts on how to teach your kids about stranger danger, click on the video above titled "Stranger Danger."