David Snyder released from custody

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The words 'Roseland,' 'Snyder' and 'drama' have been in the same sentence many times.

Thursday, we added another.

David Snyder, the embattled Roseland town council member, was taken into custody during his child support hearing Thursday, stirring more drama in the town.

Snyder was in court Thursday morning for a child support hearing.

Magistrate Rochelle Cotter sentenced Snyder to 90 days in jail. The judge found Snyder in contempt of court for not following court orders in regards to child support payments.

Snyder chose to post a $10,400 payment, which is ten percent of what the court says Snyder owes in child support, instead of serving a 45-day sentence.

"I think the only thing that would have negated that ruling was $100,000," David Snyder says when he walked out of St. Joseph County jail. "That's about the only way to turn this around. But as we all know, $100,000 is difficult to raise. I don't make enough money."

Snyder says he blames the judge for coming into the courtroom with her mind already made up. He also blames the child support laws set in place, and he blames the prosecutor's office for taking away his realtor's license, his source of income.

Dorothy, Snyder's wife, chimes in:

"The prosecutor takes away a man's ability to earn an income and then says 'you're not paying child support.' And of course how can you pay child support if you're not able to earn a living."

Here is some of the reaction:

"It's absolutely ridiculous. I have four kids of my own. I struggled a lifetime helping those kids out with a large percentage of what I made," offers Chris Long. "For somebody in his position, to do something like that, is incredible. He should be ashamed of himself."

"Their [Roseland residents'] views have not been respected, but ignored. If their views were listened to the council would have been changed in years past," says Edward Pernick.

Well, that is the story, until next time we need another a sentence using the words 'Roseland,' 'Snyder, and 'drama'.