Making Ends Meet in Roseland

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Council members got right down to business at a special meeting held this afternoon.

Property on Sunnybrook will be auctioned off to help boost the town’s bank accounts, and keep payroll checks from bouncing.

Today the council decided which auctioneer would be contracted to get the title out of the town’s hands.

But the auction will not provide an immediate boost.

The town will have to advertise the auction, so it won’t take place for about three weeks.

If the property sells, it will take an additional week to close, and then another month before the money's in the bank.

The town bought the property a number of years ago, with the intention of turning it into a riverside park.

Town council chairman, Charley Shields says its time to sell.

“It was never developed and we are in need of funds, and it will be a long time before we have funds to develop anything like that over there and this is probably a good time to sell it and get some cash coming into the town treasury,” Shields tells us.

This meeting was originally scheduled for July 5th, but was cancelled, because the appraisals on the property were not in.

They were in today. The average of two appraisals puts the house in the seventy five thousand dollar range.