Kosciusko County Death Investigation

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A two year-old girl is dead and police are looking into her death as a possible murder.

They arrested the mother's boyfriend early Friday.

On Friday night, Newscenter 16 talked with the grandfather who hopes justice will be served.

Family members say Matar Muchowicz came home early from work to find her two year old daughter Samantha Muchowicz not breathing.

She asked her live-in boyfriend, 34 year-old Ian Clark, what happened and he told police the child accidentally fell.

According to police they found enough evidence that the baby did not fall and the child may have faced severe injuries.

“From the description of the baby from what I was told... when they fall they face bruising… but when a baby is beaten they get black and blue... and from my understand that's how the baby was found,” says the victim’s grandfather Mark Mignery

Samantha Muchowicz was pronounced dead at the Kosciusko Community Hospital.

The death is being investigated as a homicide.

Clark is now charged with felony battery.

The family of Samantha Muchowicz tells us that Saturday's autopsy confirmed she was beaten to death.

The Kosciusko County sheriff’s department could not immediately confirm this, but an autopsy was scheduled for yesterday.

Her mother’s boyfriend, Ian Clark, was arrested for felony battery in connection with her death.

Police said he could face more charges later this week after the autopsy.