Wonder Cat Saves Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A New Castle family credits their cat with saving their lives.

They are now calling her Winnie the Wonder Cat because she sprang into action when their house filled with carbon monoxide.

The mother says Winnie started meowing scratching her to get her to wake up.

When she did, she was barely able to call 911. Richard Silcox of the Indiana State Police says, “When we got to the door, she was delusional. 14-year old Michael was laying in the hallway already passed out.”

Winnie’s owner, Cathy Keesling says, “If it wasn't for Winnie, screaming and hollering and carrying on, we wouldn't be here today.”

“I'm sure it's a hero,” says Deputy Landon Dean of the Henry County Sheriff’s Department. “Even if the cat had waited another 5 minutes, the outcome would have been horrible. I think it would probably have been a coroner case for sure.”

The family thinks the carbon monoxide came from a broken gas powered sump pump in their basement.

Cathy says she is planning to get Winnie a cape, to show off her wonder cat.