Dr. Gabriele's patients look for answers

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Throughout the day Monday, many of Doctor Gabriele's patients have heard the news about the death of their doctor and his wife.

Now, many of the patients are trying to get some answers about what to do next.

A number of them have appointments scheduled, whether it's for eye surgeries or follow-ups.

Some of those patients contacted our station on Monday, wondering where they can get help.

We spoke with one of those patients late this afternoon.

Alice Hilliard says Dr. Gabriele performed LASIK surgery on her about three weeks ago, and she was supposed to have a follow-up with his staff on Tuesday.

"I feel pretty confident that I did get good help. My eyes are no problem and I can see very well. I just wanted one more follow-up to make sure," Hilliard explains. "It makes you concerned that maybe you have to do a really in-depth background check on any kind of doctor that you ever go to, because you just don't know what you're going to walk into."

Two other eye doctors worked alongside Dr. Gabriele, not to mention other medical professionals and staff.

It's unclear what the future is for those jobs.

Some eye practices, like Michiana Eye Center, are already fielding phone calls from concerned patients.

Late Monday afternoon, a spokesperson there told us that they are willing to accommodate anyone who needs to be seen. They say they will stay later for patients, especially if they have an urgent medical need.