Argos Swap Shop helps clothe the needy

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It's been said "nothing in life is free" but that's not the case at one store in Argos!

The store is called the Argos Swap Shop sponsored by the Walnut Church of the Brethren CHAFIA.

People can bring in their donations and swap them for other items in the store.

The store also believes that if you can't donate, don't worry. They want to help out those in need during tough times.

The swap shop pays for rent and utilities with monetary donations. They carry everything from baby clothes to suits for job interviews.

“This moment in the economy is kind of bad, so it is a help for me. I don't have to buy something I might need. I can find it here and have some extra money. I can use it on something else,” says parent Sharon Oviedo shopping at the store.

The shop originally started in the basement of the Walnut Church of Brethren in Argos but outgrew its space. The shop has been open in downtown Argos for two years.

The store hours are Tuesday 10-5, Thursday 10-5 and Saturday 10-2. It is located at 106 South Michigan Street where it intersects with State Road 10.

For more information call (574) 892-5300.