Husband: LaPorte County deputy prosecutor, soon to be judge, accidentally shot in head

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LaPorte County is abuzz with the news that the deputy prosecutor was shot earlier this week.

There had been very little information released about the Monday night shooting, but today WNDU spoke with Jennifer Evans' husband Stephan about the incident, to try and clear things up.

He says it was an accidental shooting.

The details of the story have been more or less held from the media so far.

The county prosecutor's office has really only confirmed there was a shooting at Jennifer Evans' home Monday night, and that her injuries were not life threatening.

Evans’ husband didn't want to go into too much detail or go on-camera, because the investigation is ongoing, but he said that, "She didn't know it was loaded… when she was handling it."

He said he was home at the time, but he wouldn't say who actually fired the gun.

He said he had been questioned by police, but not arrested, as no charges have been filed in the case.

He says the bullet grazed her head, and she just has some sutures. He says she should be out of the hospital very soon.

Evans tried some of the recent high-profile cases in LaPorte as the Deputy Prosecutor, including the Kathy Phillips murder trial and the Mark Comford molestation trial.

Just last month, Evans was elected to be a new Superior Court Judge in LaPorte County.

Some people we talked to today said they were worried when the heard the news that whoever may have shot Evans could still be on the loose.

According to her husband, that shouldn't be a concern. But the community is still very interested in what happened.

“You know it was kind of a shock to everyone here and we really don’t know anything about it. They’re just wondering what happened, who did it, and what’s going to happen,” said Noelle Wallin, a neighbor of the Evans’.

LaPorte City Police are investigating the case but wouldn't make any comment today, or even provide WNDU with the police report.

They said the prosecutor's office will be releasing all the information and WNDU couldn't get in contact with County Prosecutor Rob Beckman despite numerous calls to staff, messages, and visits to his office Wednesday.

NOTE: An associated press report citing our conversation with Jennifer Evans' husband Stephan indicated that she had shot herself. We have not reported that; Stephan would not confirm who shot the gun. WNDU has received no comment on that matter from law enforcement officials or the prosecutor’s office, either.