Attorney General launches unit to combat identity theft

Experts say identity theft is a growing problem across the country, especially here in Indiana.

In fact, Indiana’s Attorney General says consumer complaints of ID theft have more than doubled in the past year. To combat the rise, the Attorney General's office is launching a new ID Theft Unit.

Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter made a stop in South Bend Saturday to launch the new program.

Carter says he wants to devote more time ID theft prevention and to help people restore their clean records if they become victims.

The Attorney General says he plans to devote more resources into investigating and prosecuting identity thieves

“Identity theft is the kind of issue where we really need to have a team approach,” says Attorney General Carter. “Things don't stop at the county lines, they don't stop at the state lines, we've got to work in a collaborative fashion, that means having the public involved, having citizens come to us seeking our assistance.”

The launch of this ID Theft Unit also coincides with the 10th annual National Consumer Protection Week.