$1.5 million in South Bend International Airport improvements agreed upon

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SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- You'll be seeing some changes at the South Bend International Airport thanks to more funding.

The South Bend Redevelopment Commission agreed today to invest $1.5 million in infrastructure needs for the airport.

That includes improvements to things like fencing, security and pavement.

The money will also go toward helping to get a "Corporate Wings" Program started, bringing in both domestic and international private jets.

"What's important there is the extent to which we can connect South Bend both nationally and internationally, then we'll be able to tap our full economic potential," said Scott Ford of South Bend Community Investment. "We've got so much to share and the more we are able to have access to the broader market, the more we'll be able to benefit from that."

There are some changes in flights coming as well.

Back in April the airport received permission to add international flights, both private and commercial.