Roseland conflict heads to Grand Jury

The St. Joseph Prosecutor’s Office will present evidence to a Grand Jury regarding all parties involved in the physical incident from the Roseland council meeting on September 14, 2007.

The incident in question was the altercation between David Snyder and Marshal Jack Tiller.

The Grand Jury will convene on December 17th and evidence will be presented starting the next day.

WNDU has been informed that a subpoena will be issued for the footage aired on NewsCenter16 and The video, which is linked above, shows the events that unfolded the night of the 14th.

David Snyder issued a press release yesterday asking for some type of legal action from the office. The release is available and can be seen by clicking on the "Snyder requests action" link.

David Snyder told NewsCenter16 that he is happy the prosecutor is making positive steps forward in this case. Indiana law prohibits the Prosecutor from making further comment about the investigations being presented to the Grand Jury.