Maureen's Medical Moment

Deep brain stimulation calms Parkinson's tremors

First oral drug for Type 1 diabetes on verge of FDA approval

Alzheimer’s and DNA shuffling

Experimental therapy may help people with Huntington’s disease

4-year-old donates blood cells to fight neuroblastoma

OCD: When you can’t stop doing what you’re doing

2 tiny coils save baby from blood tumor in utero

No replacement needed: New device could be key to solving knee pain

Edible chemotherapy: Is milk the key?

Stroke shoe retrains the brain, correcting gait

Vaccine could halt the spread of metastatic cancer

Hospital's 3 Wishes Project aims to make end of life gentle, peaceful

Abdominal aneurysms: silent killers

Tongue-tie or reflux? Treatment helps babies' appetites

Gene therapy helps restore sight

Retinal detachment: Early warning signs can save sight

Cartiva: cushion for your big toe

Tips to keep your heart healthy

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